My name is Ben Wilson, better known to some as “ourtradingcards” or the “Sports Antagonist”.

I started collecting on September 15, 1986, at my cousins 10th birthday party. Each kid got 2 packs of 1986 Topps cards. My dad is a collector of many things and a completionist at heart, so I was certain to catch the same “bug” he had, even if it wasn’t collecting toy trains, as he had.

I remember getting a few packs sometime in the weeks to come and a Beckett Price Guide to learn about the “value” of my cards. I looked up each card I had, at that time, and found out I had pulled a 1986 Topps Eric Davis RC! At the end of 1986 it was valued at $1.25! I was 7 years old and had in my possession a card valued at over a buck! Man, if I wasn’t rich!

I stopped collecting in 1993, when my parents divorced and re-entered the hobby in 2010 when I convinced my now wife to let me buy “one box of cards from one sport” (2010 Topps Flagship football… go figure!).

So here we are in 2018! I have a massive A’s PC and a large database cataloging my entire PC with all of the team sets and individual cards I’d eventually like to collect. My goal this year is to write at least one entry per week and hopefully review most, if not all, of the releases as they come out.

Here’s to my A’s PC! Your PC of choice! And our mutual love for our hobby!

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