It’s frustrating being a “completionist”

I suppose it is in my blood. By nature, or from learned behavior (thanks Dad), I am completionist. Although not technically a word that you will find in a dictionary, I believe we all know what it means and most of us can relate.

My hobby of choice, is trading cards. More specifically, baseball cards. More, more specifically, A’s baseball cards. More, more, more specifically EVERY A’s baseball card! Once again, thanks Dad. I want them all. No, I need them all. No, I want to need them all, or is it I need to want them all?

I was sorting through old 1980s cards in my collection the other night and thought to myself… Had I not collected as a kid, there is no way I would be pursuing my A’s PC the way I am. Without the assist from my childhood collection giving me a massive head-start, I don’t believe I’d have the patience (or money) to go back and collect every A’s card produced (sans parallels and one of one’s of course). So for this, I suppose I should once again, say thanks to my dad!

I have built an extensive checklist for my A’s cards. My database is thorough and detailed. However, it’s also very daunting. To look at it can be overwhelming, both for what I don’t have, but for what I do have as well. I have a lot already, but I have a lot of needs left. It will be a life-long project, one that I hope I can share with my boys… And one I hope that they will take over someday, when my time has come.

In the meantime, I have to vent. Being a completionist is a tough thing. I am sure most everyone can relate to some degree. If it’s cardboard… If it’s green & gold… I want it… Nay… I NEED it! I don’t just want the ones I like… I want them ALL!

I want the COMPLETE set!

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