Who needs a Checklist anyway?

I am beginning to think that these major trading card companies are taking their core financial supporters for granted. I think that they truly believe we will blindly support their products as if they are some kind of cult leaders. The voices are coming from the cornfields of Iowa… “If we make it… They will buy it”…

NEWSFLASH: YOU need US more than WE need YOU!!!

C’mon ‘insert-trading-card-company-here’… We aren’t asking for much. All we are asking for is a list of which cards will be in the latest product release. Is that really too much to ask for?

I don’t want the checklist on Tuesday, when the product hits the shelves on Wednesday. Believe it or not, most of us hobbyists don’t have the resources to continuously support every product release, every time, every year. Most of us are just Average-Joe collectors with household budgets, living paycheck to paycheck.

So, please, cut us some slack and allow us a chance to game plan and prepare for how we want to utilize are finite resources.

I have blogged in the past about the many parallels each product seems to have; And how there are far too many products to being with. So I won’t get into that here…

I just want what you should want me to want… A list that prepares me, as a collector, for your next release. It would be something I could anticipate and get excited about. Knowing that there will be “XXX” of my favorite player/team in “product”, releasing at the end of the month.

How could you not want that as well? Would it not benefit you? Would it not be nice for your core base of personal collectors, prospectors and case breakers to know what they are buying well in advance?

The two most common responses I have seen to the “checklist” issue is:

1. Checklists change up until the last minute.

My response: Okay, I can sympathize with that. For instance, there is a Turkey Red Auto that has still yet to surface and I am not sure it was ever made (although it appeared on the final checklist”. However, what is the harm in releasing a preliminary checklist so that we have a general idea of what to expect?

2. Releasing an early checklist might be bad for Pre-Sells?

My response: So fix that (2013 Bowman Chrome anyone???). Strengthen your product. If collectors might respond negatively to a checklist… Then release a stronger product. Ask your customers what THEY want to see in next year’s product. I, for one, am willing to offer my thoughts… Should you ever be open to listening… And I am sure, I’d bring 200-400 collectors with me… And that only covers my Twitter family…

Releasing a checklist early will not be detrimental to your A/R ledger… In fact, I strongly believe, it’d be the exact opposite… You’d created a more enthusiastic fan base… Whether that is the person that buys 1-2 boxes per year… the retail card shop owners who pre-sell at the store level… Or the big case breaker out in Arkansas… We’d be informed and know exactly what to subsequently tell our customers… Or wives!

We (the collectors) are not asking for much. We are excited for the new products. Please just allow us the opportunity to set aside some money for it. Please let us know what we can expect.

We aren’t asking for the location of the Holy Grail… What came first, the chicken or the egg?… Or even the age-old question of God vs The Big Bang Theory…

All we want to know, in advance, is whether or not our favorite player(s) are in the next product release, what card number they will be and how much money we need to set aside… So that way we can start kissing up to the wife today… 3 weeks in advance… And not the night before!

Unless, of course, you’d like to personally call my wife and explain where that extra few hundred dollars that is missing from our checkbook went???

Did you need her phone number???

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